Gregory Rasputin

Silver Ladder Obrimos, Virtue: Hope, Vice: Sloth
Concept: Sage of the Temenos, Walker in Dreamtime.

Heavily focused in Prime and Mind, expanding into Time, Fate, and Space. Forces and Matter are explored only when specific problems arise.

The cabal affectionately refer to Gregory as “poppa” or “father” as he’s quite elderly being in his late 40’s to early 50’s. His old age is exaggerated by the onset of muscle atrophy due to his long periods of sleep while he wanders the wasteland of the Temenos and Dreamtime. Even though he has spent most of his magical years asleep, people think him to be the most “awakened” mage they’ve had the honor of meeting on those few occasions when he’s cognizant of the real world. Sadly, those moments are few and far between and Gregory has a hard time differentiating the real and dream world. He has made mention a few times that the only way he can distinguish the two is that the real world seems pale, less fluid and more resistant to change. He is well aware of the importance of being in the real world and knows the dangers of losing himself to his dreams, but he’s adamant in pushing his knowledge to new levels and insists that it lie in Dreamtime.

Furthermore, no one can argue with his results. His efforts have led him to create a new Legacy called the Imago Prime. The “First Work of Will”, as he says, heralds back all the way to the origins of the Awakened. When the first mage used the imago to perform brilliant spectacles of wonders untold, magic was at it’s purest and most powerful form. Gregory concludes that one could only become a true master by harnessing the power right at the source. As of now he sees magic as a hand-me-down gift from the the towers in the Supernal Realm. The “source” of the original power, he believes, lies somewhere in Dreamtime where he wants to experiment and observe the essence of consciousness, thought, and the imago. His words on the matter are, “It’s far more productive to train a dragon in it’s infancy than bridle one as an adult.”

Despite his lethargic ways, Gregory is a wonderful asset and ally. His insight and wisdom of two worlds lets him think well outside of the box when problems arise for the cabal. If he was more down to earth he’d make a fantastic psychologist or therapist because he understands people at the soul level. When emotions run hot, he’ll gladly take the lead with order, understanding, and reason the way an Obrimos of the Silver Ladder would. To him, those titles and duties are promises of something better for mages as a whole and not just inherent rights to power. Like a father, he earns respect and assists those “younger” than he. He was a child once too.

NOTE: The Imago Prime is currently “under construction”. With it, Gregory hopes to blend the supernal and the real world as it was ages ago. At the first level, he can be both sleeping and awake similar to the rote “One Mind, Two Thoughts” with a splash of “Sleep of the Just”. He’d also be under a constant “Sense Consciousness”-like effect. At second level he’d be able to produce some profound and impressive illusions (or realities) with Prime, mana, and tass. Being able to evaluate and work in the Temenos and Dreamtime with remarkable efficiency isn’t out of the question (and possibly gaining some degree of mastery over the Onerios of others seems plausible). Lastly, the final step remains to be seen. Few have worked as far as he has with something so unreal and intangible, so it’s quite literally up to the imagination.

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“The genesis of thought is but a dream about to become real.”
-Gregory Rasputin

Gregory Rasputin

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