Matter Arcanum

Alchemy, elemental air, elemental earth, elemental water, shaping, transmutation.
Matter is an Arcanum concerned with lifeless material, the building blocks of the world. Through use of this magic, a mage gains control over raw elements and complex alloys alike. The Matter Arcanum encompasses everything from a simple puddle of water, to a chunk of uranium, to a plank of wood, to the most intricately structure polymer.
Those mages who set out to control the enigmas of Matter are often not what others would consider “peoplefriendly.” Many enjoy the static predictability of base materials, as opposed to the rampant chaos engendered by primal energies or living beings. These individuals are often as reliable as they are routine-oriented and many of them are capable of seeing beauty in places that others simply don’t know to look. They prize solidity, stability and conformity and a good number wish that human beings were as readily pliant as the objects with which they work (a condition they believe would make the whole world a much easier and more rewarding place to live).
Ruling Realm: Stygia
The gross/subtle pair of Matter/Death provides the ruling Arcana of Stygia, that bleak land where disincarnated souls gain rest until called upon to incarnate again into the cycle of life. Matter is the material expression of the pair.

Initiate Rotes

Extinguish the Invisible Fire (Matter •)
Spell Used: Alter Conductiviity (Mage p. 194)
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Science + Matter

Mapping the Tomb (Matter •)
Spell Used: Find the Hidden Hoard (Mage p. 195)
Dice Pool: Wits + Crafts + Matter

Rube Goldberg’s Brain (Matter •)
Spell Used: Craftman’s Eye (Mage p. 194)
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Investigation or Science + Matter

Apprentice Rotes

Gaze Through the Mountain (Matter ••)
Spell Used: Steel Windows (Mage p. 197)
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Crafts or Occult + Matter

Cabal Grimoire Rotes

Matter Arcanum

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