Mind Arcanum

Communication, hallucinations, mental projection, mind control, telepathy.
This is the Arcanum used to connect with the Universal Consciousness shared by all beings possessed of thought: humans, animals, spirits and anything capable of in any way distinguishing between itself and its environment. This is an Arcanum of thoughts, dreams, emotions, motivations, memories, primal instincts, elevated precepts and ideas. Those who seek to master Mind attempt to grow closer to the unity of thought shared by all intelligent life, turning their mystic will inward, there to discover the simple truth that all Creation exists only in the eye of the beholder.
Mind is an Arcanum for those who are introspective without losing themselves in self-important reverie, and also outgoing, but not to the point of being incapable of useful reflection. Mind Arcanum mages are interactive sorts of people, whether that interaction takes the shape of social dealings or intense contemplation of a rich and vibrant inner life is immaterial.
Surprisingly few of these individuals ignore the physical in favor of the cerebral, employing a well-balanced approach to existence. There certainly are no few seemingly half-mad ascetics out there, though, who deny the needs and desires of their “crude terrestrial forms.” Of all the different types of mages, those who pursue the study of Mind are the most apt to change radically as they grow in understanding, becoming open to avenues of thought literally unfathomable to them previously.
Ruling Realm: Pandemonium
The gross/subtle pair of Space/Mind provides the Ruling Arcana of Pandemonium, the place of soul scourging, where the sins committed during the soul’s sojourn in the material world are purged so that it might ascend to its source. Mind is the ephemeral expression of the pair.

Initiate Rotes

Know the Wolf by His Stance (Mind •)
Spell Used: Aura Perception (Mage p. 205)
Dice Pool: Wits + Empathy + Mind

Thinking for Many (Mind •)
Spell Used: One Mind, Two Thoughts (Mage p. 206)
Dice Pool: Wits + Investigation + Mind

Apprentice Rotes

Sculpt the Heart (Mind ••)
Spell Used: Emotional Urging (Mage p. 207)
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Empathy + Mind vs. Composure + Gnosis

Cabal Grimoire Rotes

Mind Arcanum

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