Notable NPCs

Epimetheus: A Thyrsus, Senator of that Path for the Free Council.

Tom: Suspected of being a Nephandus, recently attempted to sacrifice Suede, capable of Shapeshifting, Summoning, and other nefariousness. Considered dangerous. Deceased.

Aaron/Eron: One of the Bound, a person who has died and made a deal with an entity known as a Geist in order to come back to life at the price of sharing its now less-than-mortal coil. Works at Club Suede as a spy for the Drinkers of Aleph.
Eron’s Krewe:
*Clyre: The nice one.
*Dawwn: The supportive one.
*Sypher: The quiet one.
*Beatriks: The angry, confrontational one; speaks French; died violently (the first time).

Suede: A Thyrsus and former student of Tonio’s and former cabal mate of Dr. Caulfield; most other details of her past are shrouded in mystery. She is the proprietor of the infamous and upscale Club Suede. Currently the Drinkers of Aleph possess a soul stone from her, and have only used one favor.

Dr. Caulfield: A Moros and former student of Claudia’s and former cabal mate of Suede. She runs a soup kitchen at the edge of town in the slums, almost under the freeway, and works at St. Mary’s Hospital. She is Apostate to the Consilium, but tolerated within the city for the good she does.

Eurythesus: Formerly the head of the Challengers of Herakles, due to his wife, Anymone’s, death in the line of duty, Eurythesus has chosen to bow out of the Consilium and declare himself Apostate.

Janine Harper: Former Secretary to MobiĆ¼s, known Sleepwalker. Currently a “frozen asset” of the Consilium until someone pulls enough sway to get her out of that state.

Selemite, the Janni: A mysterious figure, claiming to be a rouge Oracle attempting to reach the Supernal Realms in order to rejoin her fellows in the fight against the Exarchs. Has enlisted the cabal to make sure this happens with willing sacrifice, or she rains high holy hell down on Isidis and destroys it in the process. Recently Ascended and destroyed Hawai’i in the process, she has forged a new Watchtower.

The Selemite Order: An equally mysterious organization of supposed Banishers that seeks to do Selemite’s will within Isidis (and apparently the surrounding areas). Based in Islamic philosophies, and tracing a heritage from the city of Gomorrah. The Order has been dismantled after Selemite’s Ascension and the constituent members have scattered.

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Notable NPCs

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