Prime Arcanum

Hallows, illusions, magical imbuement, Mana, resonance, tass.
Prime is the light that burns without heat, the energy that defies description. It is the power that courses through all things in material existence and which serves as the skeleton on which all willworkers hang their magic. Prime is an Arcanum of mystic power, named for the prima materia, the Supernal substance. Thus, it is often practiced by those who would seek to possess mastery over the subtle and otherwise largely unquantifiable substance that serves as mages’ medium.
Awakened who concentrate on Prime tend to be passionate, though they are often driven to loftier ends than the majority of people: self-mastery, understanding of Creation and enlightenment. These sorts usually have an intense drive to understand the “whys” and “wherefores” of reality. Some have their curiosity satisfied merely by learning answers to their questions, while others capitalize on knowledge to control what they understand now. Many Prime willworkers have a particular lust for life, an energy that impels them to be ever active, moving forward toward some objective (which need not be easilyquantifiable).
Ruling Realm: The Aether
The gross/subtle pair of Forces/Prime provides the ruling Arcana for the realm of the Aether, the celestial space where the heavenly fire burns. Prime is the ephemeral expression of the pair.

Initiate Rotes

Eye of the Magus (Prime •)
Spell Used: Supernal Vision (Mage p. 221)
Dice Pool: Wits + Occult + Prime

Inscribing the Ineffable Words (Prime •)
Spell Used: Inscribe Grimoire (Mage p. 221)
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Expression + Prime

Apprentice Rotes

Rend the Weave (Prime ••)
Spell Used: Counterspell (Mage p. 222)
Dice Pool: Composure + Occult + Prime

Cabal Grimoire Rotes

Prime Arcanum

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