Time Arcanum

Divination, prophecy, temporal acceleration/deceleration.
Time is probably the most complex of the Gross Arcana, since it describes a phenomenon as yet incompletely understood by modern man. With it, a mage can redefine the way in which every other Arcanum interacts with the linear progression of events, and with great mastery can unravel the mysteries of choosing the manner in which things move in that flow. Extraordinarily powerful mages see the way in which an individual participates in Time as a choice, rather than a cosmic absolute.
Those who would deal with the Arcanum of Time are advised to heed the counsel of those who have come before. Though few primers exist on the subject (few that are of much use to those lacking an advanced understanding of Time magics, at any rate), most well versed in the Arcanum’s intricacies agree upon one basic axiom: Nothing within Time is fixed. Events in the past are harder to alter than those in the present and future (only magic allows for the past to be changed), but no event seems to be truly eternal.
Mages who devote themselves to the Arcanum of Time tend to be reflective people, given to careful contemplation of all of an action’s potential consequences. They often look to both the mistakes and great successes of the past and cast their gaze forward with a mind for how things should properly unfold. Such mages learn quickly what sort of damage can be done when actions are taken without exhaustive consideration, and they actually possess the ability to see how history will judge them. With such a weighty burden, it is unsurprising that those who seek to unravel the mysteries of Time do so with a sense of reverence, whether that stems from noblesse oblige, respect for the lessons of the universe, or active devotion to a Divine Plan.
Ruling Realm: Arcadia
The gross/subtle pair of Time/Fate provides the ruling Arcana for the land of Arcadia, the enchanted realm inhabited by fickle spirits of immense beauty and cruelty. Time is the material expression of the pair.

Initiate Rotes

Espying the Graven Hour (Time •)
Spell Used: Temporal Wrinkles (Mage p. 258)
Dice Pool: Wits + Occult + Time
With this rote, Guardians of the Veil are able to discern Time magics (or similar powers) that have been used to somehow alter the natural flow of past, present and future. Some describe such phenomena as being “etched” or “engraved” on the progression of Time. Mages of the Adamantine Arrow prefer not to be surprised by other uses of the Arcanum (such as “Prepared Spells,” p. 260), so use this rote as a matter of security.

Apprentice Rotes

Breaking the Trail of Days (Time ••)
Spell Used: Shield of Chronos (Mage p. 261)
Dice Pool: Composure + Stealth + Time
For many Guardians of the Veil, the first, best secrets to keep are one’s own. With this rote, the mage becomes invisible to all save the most persistent and invasive searches of the Time Arcanum. Willworkers of the Silver Ladder use such magic (Presence + Stealth + Time) to occlude any unsavory activities upon the long road to rule, while those of the Adamantine Arrow employ this spell as yet another means to approach their enemies unseen.

Disciple Rotes

Turn Back the Page (Time •••)
Spell Used: Shifting Sands (Mage p. 263)
Dice Pool: Resolve + Occult + Fate
A leader must sometimes acknowledge that things have not gone as planned. For mages of the Silver Ladder, the ability to admit the possibility of failure is not nearly so laudable as the power to erase such mistakes and see things done correctly. Mages of all orders manage to find uses for this rote.

Cabal Grimoire Rotes

Time Arcanum

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