Lifelong Educations

Difficult Choices

“So uh…” Jack stumbled over how to proceed, as he stood in a center aisle, surrounded by barking dogs in tiny little cages. Something, deep inside, yearned to set them all free, run with them, howl alongside them. Instead, he was there at the pound looking for one he could doom to a gruesome death.

His gut felt sour, and Jack made a mental note to take something for it when he got back to the sanctum.

The pound worker sighed, and flipped back her obnoxious-pink emo-flip hair, staring at the taller man like he was deliberately wasting her time. Jack grimaced, apologetically.

“Look…I’ve never done this before, and I’m um. Kind of against the idea of pets getting euthanized if I can help them out. Can you show me the ones who’re next up on the train to needle-town?”

The goth girl blinked at him and tilted her head, seeming uncertain whether to be amused or disgusted at his odd turn of phrase.

“Sure, dude. This way.”

Jack slipped into the Undercity, carrying a muzzled, mangy dog, as it wriggled in his arms, trying to bite its way free. The pound hadn’t yet detected that it was developing rabies, making it perfect for what he needed. Still, he felt like shit, carrying the poor thing to its doom when he could much more easily have cured it of its illness.

A long walk later, he stood before the great bone beast, holding his sacrifice. It looked up at him, whining, suddenly vaguely aware of danger.

“Sorry, pup. Sorry…”

With a sigh, he looked up, shaking his head as he activated the Sight.

“As required by our deal. Here.”



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