Lifelong Educations

Grim Kept Thoughts 14

Gah, Dina being pregnant has been amusing lol, hormones! Dun dun dun!!!

Having Sparks and Hassan in the house has been interesting. I gave them both a study book of the basics, and don’t really care to aid them any further per say. At least not directly.

Found a few new things out about the archive of things to be.

  • The Eye that sees will soon be moved from its mountain.
  • The book will return to prominence.
  • Soon you will hear the Moon Song again, they can smell fear.

Out to be interesting to find out what those refer to.

Been saving up Tass for a while now. Cost me 94 Tass in total, purchasing and inscribing the rotes, but was well worth it! Managed to get 13 rotes in total.

  • Walking the Supernal Path Disciple Fate Rote
  • Mohammed’s Radio Initiate Forces Rote
  • Shock Therapy Disciple Forces Rote
  • Voices in the Ether Disciple Forces Rote
  • Gaze Through the Mountain Disciple Matter Rote
  • Sculpt the Heart Disciple Mind Rote
  • Eyes on the Prize Initiate Space Rote
  • Trailing the Long Stride Initiate Space Rote
  • Dispersing the Threads Disciple Space Rote
  • Fleshless Speech Initiate Spirit Rote
  • Closing the Way Apprentice Spirit Rote
  • Whisper to the Ancients Disciple Spirit Rote
  • Turn Back the Page Disciple Time Rote

Took me about two months to save up about 110 Tass Scrolls. I gave five to Jack for some dealings he was doing, that or he was actually talking to himself and not a spirit… I used a few for other things, and then made the large purchase of rotes. I’m left with the 10 Tass Scrolls remaining. Time to start building up the collection again, and in a few more months seeing if I can’t purchase some more rotes. Makes it a lot easier since I can just copy the rote from one grimoire to the other now. Of course, this might start confusing other mages about what Arcanum I do or do not actually have… especially if they aren’t watching closely and just think I’m paying them to learn the rote… and not just duplicate it.

Oh well. I’m being a good keeper so far. Going to take free time and make a secondary grimoire for just the Keeper’s of Knowledge, and start copying the rotes in the Cabal grimoire into that one as well. Since the only two keepers so far are in the Cabal. Just a useful thingie. Going to make it a Nook, or digital grimoire possibly. Maybe not though. Eh, actually, I think I will make it a tablet. Easy to use, organize, lots of data space, oh oh oh, and I can get it imbued with a spell I heard of that makes for an infinite thumb drive! Of course, don’t want to over burden it, but can give it a lot more capacity than it should have. Like, use up 2 TB’s instead of just 32 GB’s. Hehehehehe! Yeah!

Ight, this sounds good to me. I can also write a program that lets me directly add, write, draw, design rotes directly onto the tablet. :P Woot woot!

Successful day was successful!

~ R.H., K.O.K.

HAHAHA!!! OMGAH! We’re KOKs… hehehehehe! I totally didn’t think of or notice that when I named my legacy! That’s ironic. Damn Acanthus’d myself there I guess!!!



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