Lifelong Educations

Grim Kept Thoughts 15

Things have taken an interesting turn. Starting to work towards becoming the Acanthus Senator for FC here in the local area. The project has hit a hic-up, but P.M. has given us a month extension, and I have made a donation of 100 tass to the FC to help out with current over-stretching of order finances. Hmmmm, this needs a more permanent fix though. Not my problem, as of yet.

Met with Mr. Waters, the changelings are back in Isidis now. They helped to take care of an issue, or rather, we helped them confirm information and alleviate an issue. Either way, I have discovered that some, if not all, of the Changelings can open portals, or doorways, to a strange realm that. It is not supernal, and it is not twilight, or anything to do with the gauntlet. The realm felt like home to me. It was fate incarnate almost. I have two twigs from the place. Follow Through allowed access to the doorway, but it would seem after use, the doorway only lingers for a short period of time. At least within the same day, from what I can tell. I paid Gustov to place them in stasis, so they would not continue to decay, allowing for further study. He informed me not to allow anyone else to touch them, and they need to be kept together. I have acquired a glass case, small, to keep them in, so I may have other Acanthus in the FC help me study them. Hmmm, I am going to need to devise a good way to find other doorways to this realm of fate, whatever it is called.

I have taken some old school style photos of the twigs. Using a jury rigged dark room in the basement, gonna try to develop a few of them in different styles and fashions to see what is revealed. I have the reel, but haven’t taken the time to develop them just yet. Gonna do it when I have the place to myself, as to have the basement, and not be disturbed, and not block other’s access to the basement.

It will be interesting to see what I can learn about this foreign realm. Do some experimentation to see if it is possible to make a portal to that realm as a mage.



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