Lifelong Educations

Grim Kept Thoughts 16

Guardians are present at the library. Portal to the library can be found on campus in the basement of the biology department. As you approach the boiler room, you will find a door marked storage room. With the right password, it will open to the library. Elemental guardians. Unknown state.
Each guardian responds to a different password.
Once inside the temple, will have to find the library, it will be a room in the temple.
• Password for Storage Closet Door: “We do not hold Selomite to be the one true god.” in Arabic.
• Password for Sirrocco Wind Spirit: “We honor the desert wind for its cleansing scourge.” in Arabic.
• Password for Djinn/Ifriiti: “By your grace and wishes three, we demand passage.” in Arabic.

Taking a moment to jot down a few notes about this temple, along with this sketch of the map I am making. Well, considering I am making it in this book as well, it is the map I am making, lol, not just a sketch of the map I am making.

Rupert is along with us, along with the Scribe.

That warrants mentioning today’s divinatios.

  • A new place provides new insights
  • I’ll follow you into the dark
  • Are you certain the scribes goals are your own
  • Prepare to find the hidden

Huh, this will be an interesting endeavor. I wonder what we will find in the library. Oh! Moving again! Write more later.



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