Lifelong Educations

Grim Kept Thoughts 17

  • Fate is the Occult Engine behind reality.

The strings of Fate are akin to plumbing, wiring, and the moving parts of the machine. Reality is the final output for everything that goes into it. Fate is the RAM and Processor. The fine wiring of a motherboard, circuitry delicate and ever present. If I can learn to read and better understand this ‘programming’ that Fate uses, perhaps a greater understanding of its interconnections will come about, and lead to a deeper computing capability.

A better understanding of the Changeling’s Oaths may also prove beneficial in understanding the programming of Fate.

On other notes, I’m looking into a deeper use of the Keeper’s of Knowledge Legacy. Various activities that could be done:

  • Collectors and Recorders of History and Knowledge
  • Couriers of Knowledge
  • Spy network
  • Protectors and Keepers of Knowledge… duh
  • Researchers
  • Database of Supernal Expertise

I’m looking into getting another member for the Legacy, and it would seem that the Legacy will be an Acanthus based Legacy. Still not sure how it worked out with Poe, but it would seem the Legacy only holds for her while she is within Isidis. I’m looking deeper into that as I can. The most simplistic response would be “there is a slightly different working of the supernal within Isidis than without.” Not sure what, why, how, when, or where… or who, as the case might be. Sadly, that is on the back burner at the time being. Focus currently resides on the store opening, the new library retrieved from the Selomite Order, tracking down the Atlantean Temple under Isidis (which may have something to do with the Legacy thing working for Poe), and of course, finding Smirnoff’s Tass reserves.

Ah, looks like the Drinker’s of Aleph have a full plate for a little while.

Not to mention the conclusion of the task I have with The Free Council. Well, both tasks. The computer, and my ward.



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