Lifelong Educations

Jack's Journal

Wow, I totally fail at keeping a journal. It’s been what…A month or two? I really ought to start dating these things.

My aunt had a dream about me before she died, about how I have a destiny and my doom is a black dancer. It better not be Aaron. That would be altogether too fucked up, and I’d hate to die with “touche, fate, well played!” on my lips. Besides, I like the guy, it’d be a shame to have to avoid him.

Unrelated: Going to be spending some time up on Guardian Hill just observing the place through the gauntlet. Not planning to go back in there and try to talk to the Guardian again, of course…That would be fucking suicide…Holy crap. Still can’t figure out what the hell Nergui was thinking, talking to such a potent spirit in that kind of disrespectful bitchy way. I suspect I’ll never get to find out. Pretty sure she’s fertilizer at this point. Would have done more to save her if I could, but frankly I had to choose the survival of my cabal over playing the hero. I very nearly opened a doorway under her feet to get her out of there, but that would have neatly fucked the rest of us with a gigantic, angry, splinter-covered incarna-level dildo of hatred. Ugh.

Also got that message from Mobius. I’m really glad he’s okay – Even though he had to leave us, I always figured he didn’t really want to. I mean sure, he took the reassignment gracefully and probably didn’t fuss much, but I always had the feeling he was acting in our best interests even when he was being mysterious and offputting. Just a feeling about the guy – He thinks of himself as a bastard, but deep down is a man of strong loyalties. Can’t say much either way about his personal morals, though, and a loyal man can still be a terrible monster if driven too far. I miss his ties.

Anyway that’s it for now. Sorry, journal, you’re getting dusty and my mind’s been pretty occupied with plumbing the mysteries of the magi-verse lately. Maybe I should make a fetish out of you at some point, to like fly around and bash me in the head when I need to clean my brain-cobwebs out with your pages.



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