Lifelong Educations

Jack's Journal - More scribbles

Been a while since I had time to sit down and write. Where to start?

Hawaii blew up. Holy crap. Though I’ve been trying to keep everyone from feeling like that’s our fault, I kind of wonder myself. It seems fortunate in a way that there’s so much going on in our lives, because it means we don’t have time to sit down and think of the millions that have died and will die because we helped the Archmage ascend. Kind of makes me wonder what would have happened if we had failed. Of course we couldn’t know she would do that, but still. Have the Banishers or Seers ever done something so bombastically catastrophic anytime in recent history? How did killing millions serve mankind’s interests?

The whole New Watchtower thing is one hell of a mind trip. It’s like reality just restructured itself, into a world where destruction is so much more common. Helping new mages learn the ropes is certainly interesting, too – The two apprentices we’re teaching really make me think about what I’ve learned, and it’s very thought-provoking to watch how they learn. On top of that, making sure they learn how to be decent magi is rewarding too. Feels like I’m part of the world again, and not living in a universe comprised of just my Cabal and our personal problems.

Which leads me to think about my recent encounters while shape-shifted and out and about. Saw a pair of rather odd deaths, one an accidental squirrel-pizza caused by my presence, and the other a cold-blooded murder in an alleyway. Death happens, regardless of whether or not I’m there, and though it’s often tragic it does seem sadly necessary for new life to grow. I feel almost as if the city’s trying to tell me something, though, and like an itch on my brain I just can’t quite scratch, I’ve yet to figure out what it is.

Oh well. Back to work.



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