Lifelong Educations

Poe, between sessions 1

The printer hummed softly as it spat out the headline articles. Dog eared paperbacks sat in a haphazard pile waiting to be put into her travel pack. A small lantern flashlight rested in its charger. Sticks of incense weren’t necessary, but Poe liked to use them anyway. It appealed to her sense of aesthetics.

She liked to visit the graveyard at least once a week and read to the residents. It was a little like an old folks home, not everyone there could talk to her, not everyone there would talk to her, but the ones that did loved it when she came around. She shared local and world news that they didn’t normally get a chance to hear, she also would read a few chapters from best sellers. Not a lot to pass the time in the cemetery.

She had started doing this while still under Claudia’s care, she wanted a network of people who, even if she couldn’t find a mage, had a first-hand knowledge of the past. This would be the first time she went to them with questions. She needed to find a member of the Selemite Order, the rest of her cobal was still debating whether or not the vision was true but she knew it was real, and very very important. Without the sacrifice of the heads of the Order, terrible things would happen and it was up to them to make sure it happened.

Oh God.

It was up to them to make sure that those people died.

It hadn’t really been real before. The first images she had seen had been in the far past, so far that she had a hard time conceptualizing it. It was almost myth, She had maintained that shield of disconnection for the rest of her time in the dream world. But now that shield was pierced. She would have to help make sure that these people died, and died horribly.

Poe stood up from the computer so fast she knocked over her chair and sprinted from the room. She made it to the toilet just in time. After, she stayed kneeling and trembling for several moments before she was able to pull herself together enough to flush and wash out her mouth.

In the hallway she ran into Jack.

“Are you feeling okay, Poe?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she mumbled, not looking him in the eye. Thankfully, he didn’t push and she was able to escape back to her room.



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