Lifelong Educations

Poe, between sessions 4

Poe sat on the park bench with bluetooth firmly in ear and phone firmly in hand. She stared straight ahead, pointedly refusing to look directly at the person sitting next to her or the stack of books he was going through. It would have been obvious to any passerby that she was avoiding acknowledging the man sitting with her, if any had been able to see him.

“So Frank, how have things been?”

“Oh you know, same old same old. Float around, say ‘boo’ get ignored.”

Frank was one of the most self aware ghosts living around the Park that would talk to Poe. A homeless vet that had fallen prey to the more mundane dangers of homelessness, Frank had also been one of the first ghosts outside the cemetery that Poe regularly visited. He had actually come right up to her when he noticed her trying to talk to some of the park’s other permanent residents. He was also a sucker for history books and a fair hand at knitting, both hobbies that Poe had been able to feed during their relationship.

“How would you like something more interesting to do with your time?”

“Like what?”

Frank’s voice didn’t sound the way normal voices did, not to Poe anyway. Despite being loud and clear, it had a strange distant, detached quality that Poe was only able to liken to listening to music through an old shitty stereo with no base. The tone still came through, wary… but interested.

It was a good start.



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