Lifelong Educations

Poe, between sessions 5

It was with mixed feelings that Poe walked to her room after the Counsel meeting. She was happy that Consuela and Brother Beck were on the counsel. Nero’s place was a given, even if she didn’t like it. It wasn’t the best thing, but also wasn’t the worst. No, the worst thing was Suede. If only there had been a way to stop that.

Poe walked up to her door and let her head fall against it. There had been a way. They had Suede’s soulstone.

Fuck. Fuck Fuck Fuck.

Why hadn’t she thought of this before? Goddamnitall.

It was too late now. They might be able to use the stone to make her step down, but damn if that didn’t seem like something that could bite them in the ass. Even if Suede couldn’t take revenge on them directly, she was clever enough to fuck with them other ways.

If Poe had acted earlier, Suede would still have been angry, but it was better to stop someone from getting something than to take it away afterwards.

Poe lifted her head and went into her room to change. She would remember this. This was another opportunity to learn. And she would remember this lesson.



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