Lifelong Educations

Response from the Consilium

RE: The Janni and Selemites

June 28, 2012
The Word of the Heirarch, delivered by Herald to the Members of the Isidis Consilium:
“Greetings to all of you. I do hope the shockwave that recently ravaged the city and it seems the world did not disturb too many of your workings. In light of the recent events, and with more information now available to me, it seems I need to take a stand on certain things.
“Firstly, the Selemite Order. What remains of the Organization has stepped forward to receive the justice of the magi of Isidis for the crimes they have commited. In review with the Councilors, the Consilium has decided that while Death is no longer an appropriate punishment, neither can we simply turn the other cheek. For that reason, the Consilium has sentenced the entirety of the Selemite Order to Banishment. A week will be given, afterwards any and all loyal Consilium members are expected to contact the Sentinals or deal with them appropriately. In regards to the Selemite Order the Right of Nemesis is given in all domains of Isidis.
“Secondly, the Janni. It is my decision that the Janni represent a great victory in the war against the Exarchs, as the veil in front of Humanity’s eyes is pulled back a little further and more are given the chance to reach for the power that is their Birthright. That being said, the Consilium of Isidis welcomes any and all Janni that wish to join the Atlantean Orders with open arms. Until such a time as the influx of newly Awakened settles down, the Consilium asks its constituent members to act as though Sanctuary had been granted to all Janni.
“Thirdly, the stalemate with the Free Council continues and the war with the Selemite Order has run its course. As such, the Consilium of Isidis revokes Addendum 4 of the Charter and returns to the forms of government present therein, without reversal of any wartime declarations, amendments or standing orders save on a case-by-case basis.


Corvin Chambers”



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