Lifelong Educations

Response from the Free Council

RE: The Janni and Selemites

June 28, 2012
Welcome Ryu Hon!
You have 1 new Announcement from P.Murata:

“When I was elected as your President I stood for three things: Progress, Power, and Responsibility. I still stand firmly behind all of those virtues, and more besides. In my time as President I have taken it upon myself to review and familiarize myself with the history of our ‘Order’. As we ourselves tell it, we came to be in order that we might guide and shepherd humanity; not to Awakening as the Silver Ladder would, but to a discovery of their own Mysteries.
“We were formed in a time when radio was new and the telephone was coming into being, when the greatest advancements of Human technology were reaching a level un-dreamed of in ages past. The Free Council rose up to tell the Seers of the Throne that these magical beings, endless in their font of creativity, were not to be touched: We had assumed guardianship. The other orders, seeing an ally in us, then called us Friend.
“From that moment onwards we took on a sacred trust, a trust that often times has put us at odds with the Orders of the Diamond. We tried, even here in Isidis to work with them, and they helped us gain our footing and become a force for humanity. But when they looked to us to aid them in shadow wars that were fought with no consideration for ‘mere mortals’, we could help no longer. We broke away from them and their petty concerns and continued our trust as best we could.
“The Selemite Order, for all their violent means, did not engender that trust. In fact, the Selemite Order, as we have come to find out, is responsible for a greater portion of our trust than we ourselves contented ourselves with. They have kept Isidis safe from horrors we had not conceived as threats. For that, we now turn to the Selemite Order and call them Associates. Any and all refuges from that Order that seek admission will be granted such within the Free Council. It is our understanding that those that remain are as foot-soldiers in a larger war, without motive for malice, and without direction.
“The newly Awakened Janni, on the other hand, form a force that we cannot so pleasantly excuse. The Janni are representatives of terrible things to come: a future the Silver Ladder has strived for since their inception. The Janni represent the Death of Human Mystery, a force which is intolerable to our Trust.
“But we are not monsters seeking to create more Banishers. Any Janni that shows an aptitude for our ways, for our interests in preserving Human Mysteries, can be considered for membership within the Free Council, but their trials will be befitting the so-called Path of Conflict, and the final decision, absent a Senator for the Janni’s Path, will be myself.
I urge all of you to remember our Trust, and represent yourselves and our Order accordingly.”



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