Mastigos of the Drinkers of Aleph


Disciple on the Path of Scourging of the Guardians of the Veil, Farseeker of the Drinkers of Aleph.


Mobiüs was a boy born to a family of wealth and cutthroats. His father is a prominent lawyer who overtook one of the city’s leading law providing branches and his mother is a trophy wife, naturally. However, rather than following in his father’s footsteps, Mobiüs has pursued being a civil law notary working exclusively on his own terms while still “fulfilling” his law obligations to his family. While growing up, family ties were kept with receipts and checkbooks until the age of 18 when Mobiüs was legally able to pursue his own territory which landed him at Emberhill Manor. With a rich and clouded past, Emberhill is a historical landmark house which now serves as his home and office. Functioning as both a tour guide and secretary, Janine keeps the manor in functioning condition while tending to the affairs of Mobiüs upon request.

On the night of his 21st birthday, Mobiüs delved into his Mystery Play. He emerged from the layers of hell to write his name on the tower in Pandemonium, solidifying his place in the world as an Awakened. Now a Mastigos, he became a student to Tadzio who trained and instructed him for two years after which he joined and formed a new Cabal, The Drinkers of Aleph.

In his vigilant, piercing eyes, danger now lurks around every corner for Mobiüs. He watches the world over seeking knowledge and practicing his craft, wary of things to come and the wonders unveiled to him. What is the price of power and what sacrifices, if any, are required of him to achieve the lofty heights of recognition? The game has started, but what is the goal? Dressed in fine suits and bending the world around him like fancy jewelry, Mobiüs is now a piece on the board planning his next move with precision, truth and ruthlessness.


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