Poe Morris

Moros, Mysterium, Drinkers of Aleph, Apprentice


Apprentice on the Path of Doom, of the Mysterium, member of the Drinkers of Aleph.


Poe Morris, daughter of Francine and Trevor, was a 17yo high school student with her life and future ahead of her when she took her Astral Journey and Awoke as a mage of the path of Moros.

Trevor Carter and Francine Joshlin meet while working, Trevor as a contractor and Francine as a real estate agent. After a short courtship they married and shortly after gave birth to Poe. Trevor was gaining attention as being one of the best in his field and soon won a government contract to work on a project in Egypt. Thus, when Poe was 6 years old, the Carter family moved to Cairo. The family stayed there for 6 years until Trevor and Francine’s marriage fell apart. Poe does not know what the inciting incident was, but there was a single point of contention that came to a head when Francine gave Trevor an ultimatum: Francine and Poe were moving back to the US, Trevor could either come with them or not. He did not.

Poe came to live in Isidis at age 12 where she flourished in school. Only an average to better than average student, Poe excelled socially, encouraged by her mother who believed it wasn’t what you knew, but who you knew that helped you move forward in life. Uninterested in politics, Poe joined purely social clubs before finally becoming a cheerleader, while staying away from student counsels like they were the plague.

Her best friend, Jennifer Watts, was a fellow cheerleader who was also interested in computer science. Not just the social networking websites or even the computer games, but actually interested in the circuits and wires of computer systems. While Poe never shared these interests, she encouraged Jennifer to pursue her “nerdish” hobbies and wasn’t above using Jennifer as a resource when needed. Poe did share an interest in Egyptian mythology with an older student (one grade above her) Jacquelyn Gray. Poe also had a crush on Jacquelyn that she never acted on.

Meanwhile, Francine re-entered the real estate industry with a vengeance, quickly establishing a agency that controlled almost half the real estate in the city and a good chunk outside the city limits proper. That, combined with the alimony from Trevor, guaranteed that Poe lived a more than comfortable high middleclass life.

On March 20th, Poe and several friends where coming home late from a senior ditch day event. At 2am they were hit by a drunk driver who had jumped the divide and was driving the wrong way down the freeway. The car crashed through the railing and rolled down the hill into the cemetery. The drunk did not stop and was never caught. No other people witnessed the accident, no help was called. The other girls in the car either died in the crash or shortly after.

Trapped with her dead and dying friends in the middle of a cemetery Poe journeyed to the Stygia and wrote her name on the Watchtower of the Lead Coin.

Poe Morris

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