Lifelong Educations

Grim Kept Thoughts 13

  • Johnny isn’t out of the story yet.
  • The story doesn’t end with Selomite.
  • Dina will have to make a choice, but the choice and its consequences are beyond time’s purview.
  • The underworld awaits.

Ah, thank you time for being so helpful…

Well, just wanted to get those down real quick, even though its not like I’m going to forget them. Got those from a divination done up at Ember Hill while in the twilight with Nergui, who has been taken captive by a spirit she gravely upset.

That was interesting.

I find it more interesting that we managed to get out of the situation alive, and in such a way to get a powerful house spirit for our sanctum as chiminage for the powerful spirit, Guardian of the Hill. Going to add the contract with the spirit into the Cabal Grimoire.

Got an interesting email from Mobius. Its nice to know what little he was able to give me. I may look into pulling more information out of the stream line later, if it is needed. At the moment, kinda busy with the whole Selomite issue is over. Oh, and we need to find a way to finalize this trust issue with us and them, even though Nergui got herself done there taken for good. Stupid ass bitch. Talk about an arrogant snob, I hope that’s not what most of the order is like. That’ll make this whole task even more difficult. Also, it doesn’t reflect well on Selomite herself.

I’m interested in meeting Johnny again. Curious as to what he is. Being in the Anima Mundi like that, without a protective shell, I can only come to the conclusion he was physically there himself, and not projecting. If we could find a way to be there physically, not only would it be extremely dangerous, but we wouldn’t need to replace the function of our body protecting and holding together our minds/souls with Gnostic strength.


To: Drinkers of Aleph
From: :undefined:
Title: So little time, so much to do…

Holy shit I did it. And Ryuhon made it look so hard… wait, not the point.

Okay Alephs, so I found a little hacking toy the Veil just up and forgot to take off their desktop (who knew?) and I only got a minute or two before the firewalls notice my elite computer skills are that of a 12-year old.

Starters, my apologies for leaving so abruptly. I’m sure the Guardians weaved a fanciful tale of flowers and bunnies about how I cried and pleaded for more time, but whatever the story was probably wasn’t even close to true. I’ve been relocated, that’s it, and until the status quo changes I’m stuck here. They said I couldn’t tell anyone or leave a trail, but when do I listen to anyone other than myself?

Anyway, you all are good people. I’ll leave it at that. Don’t screw it up. I may have seemed like a prick and a half, but only to further the cause and take a peek at what we could really be up against and I wasn’t about to bring the cabal down with me. I suppose this where we have the “all for one and one for all” speech, but we’re magi, not French. Even though I went it alone, I was glad I could come back to a group like you at the end of the day. Now every day is business as usual and I try to look out for telltale signs Isidis hasn’t been swallowed into the earth. I’ve even tried to send a little help your way, but I have no idea if it’s made it to you or not.

Lastly, some parting advice I guess. I’ve been reading some Lao Tzu and so far I think some of this will work if you ever get into trouble:
Poe – Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides.
Ryuhon – The words of truth are always paradoxical.
Jack – Man’s enemies are not demons, but human beings like himself.
Dina – Respond intelligently even to unintelligent treatment.
Eron – When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.
Drinkers of Aleph – It is better to do one’s own duty, however defective it may be, than to follow the duty of another, however well one may perform it. He who does his duty as his own nature reveals it, never sins.

Game on Drinkers of Aleph. Game on. I’m always keeping tabs on you.

Grim Kept Thoughts 12

Well, this will be interesting. My grant proposal to the Free Council got approved, and with 100% funding request as well. Huge theme of approved projects though, all of them could be used for militant purposes.

The project is going to break down into two development teams: R&D, and E&S
Research and Development; Ethics and Security.
Until the vote goes through to set up the E&S, we won’t be able to start the project. Once that is done, the team will be assigned for R&D. For the total project, from the first official day, we will have six months to complete the entire project. I’m going to shoot for four months to having it done, this gives us two months of debugging and perfecting.

I know on the R&D team I’ll pretty much end up having my hands in all the pots so to say, but going to try and do it in a non-micro-management way.
I’m going to want the following areas specialized in:

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Supernalware
  • Integrations (which will be Software and Supernalware working together).

If all goes well, we can also use the last two months to make the first prototype of the handheld version.

What the final version will need to be able to accomplish and do:

  • Track and display ley lines and supernal energy flow/health of Isidis
  • Be able to identify, and track non-awakened supernatural beings
  • Be able to track individual magi (though this should only be used according to E&S)
  • Be able to track Arcanum Anomaly and paradox
  • Be able to track Sleeper activities

This is going to be a very interesting project indeed.

Now then, the Divination on it. These are the questions I need to ask in my Divination on the project:

  • Is there any one in the Free Council that seeks to misuse this program?
  • Will this program be used in the cold war against the Consilium?
  • Will this program result in an increase in my status?
  • What kind of strain will result within the Drinkers of Aleph Cabal?
  • Are there any leaks to the Consilium from within the Free Council in regards to this project?
  • Will the Selomite Order become aware of this project?
  • Will this project put my life in Mortal Danger due to other’s views on it?
  • Will this project likewise put my Cabal in danger directly due to this project?
Grim Kept Thoughts 11

Well, this was interesting. I found out what happened to Johnathan Palier. He was sent to the realm of Soul-Eaters known as Sunikama, by a Selomite Mage known as Nergui. I confronted her with a Blood Price for his life. I got a Soul Stone of another mage of the Selomite Order for it.

We ended up talking to her as our contact for the Selomite Order, to talk to them about the visions we had. At the end of this, a strange undead creature came up from the ground, and spoke to Nergui, telling her to pass to Selomite the message of “The One That Dwells Within The Earth knows what she has done, this breaches the treaties, and they will not stand for this”. It was very strange.

Dina tried to summon Selomite, but summoned something Supernal form the Aether instead. A pillar of fiery doom. It demanded she stand in it to prove her strength. Answered that we do not contact Selomite, she contacts us. However, we did find out that she is also an Obrimos, but has connections with the Primal Wild as well. I found this to be interesting. During the process, many new runes appeared. They were Atlantean, but seemed to change on each incarnation.

Poe and I are going to go explore the Temenos tonight. Gotta get distracted from Dina’s recklessness…

Coping Mechanisms

So a few days ago, I got into a duel atop one of the tallest buildings in Isidis. A duel fought because some idiot got mad that I shot him after he TRIED TO KILL ME. Honestly, if not for Dina and Ryuhon giving me some damn good explanations of how different Middle Eastern honor can be, I’d be tearing my hair out in frustration about how big a waste of life this whole thing is.

It was still a waste of life, and I still don’t feel good about having cut a guy in half long-ways, but there you have it. An honor duel. Somehow, feeling like ‘more of an Arrow’ for having defended my honor in lethal combat doesn’t seem like much consolation for having taken human life.

On the other hand, I seem to be making leaps and bounds (pun intended) in my knowledge of shape shifting and the Life arcanum ever since. I think taking a human life shocked me into realizing that all life is precious, albeit not in the sense Fern Gully and Disney would have us believe. Life is precious the same way gold is precious – In other words, only really useful for something when spent well.

Will I keep saving lives whenever I can? Abso-goddamn-lutely. Will I hesitate to take a life to save my own and others? I really hope so.

Will I keep turning into animals to go frolick about and pretend I’m not a damn murderer? Absolutely.

Poe, between sessions 3

Poe popped open Ryuhon’s hood and frowned at the crippled engine. She had a tool kit she had bought from Home Depot that advertised itself as a home motorcycle repair kit, it didn’t matter though, it was just a prop for anyone that might be walking by. She didn’t know how to use the tools to fix anything anyway.

Actually, she wasn’t all that clear on how to fix cars, either.

She closed her eyes and stilled her mind, when she opened her eyes again she understood exactly how the engine was supposed to work and what she needed to do to bring it back up to snuff. It wasn’t going to be hard, but by god was it going to be tedious.

Hours later, she was laying on her back under the trunk fixing the tail lights. One of the bulbs in the middle brake light was out, which would be a bitch to replace. It would be a lot easier to just… change it. Closing her eyes she reached inside herself once more. The filament twisted and changed, renewing itself.

An electric shock hit Poe like someone dropped a toaster into a bathtub with her. She screamed and jerked herself out from under car, managing to bang her head only twice. Stomping around the car and cursing, Poe tried to shake off the pain. Slowly it faded and Poe gathered up her tools. Three tass was so not enough for that shit.

Welcome, Ryuhon!

Your recent Adept.magi updates:

VP.Clairday has upgraded her status to Master (Time). (Dec. 31, 2011)

E.Malmanger has upgraded his status to Master (Matter). (Jan. 6, 2012)

JonathonPalier: MIA —S.Leota. (Feb. 21, 2012)

S.Bouwens: Currently in a coma. —VP.Clairday. (Mar. 2, 2012)

SongChadsey has been declared: Deceased. (Mar. 11, 2012)

P.Murata has upgraded her status to Master (Matter). (Mar. 15, 2012)

You’ve been invited to the following Event by S.Epimetheus: Spring EQ — 3D Map Peer Review! (Mar. 15, 2012)

Poe, between sessions 2

Undated Journal Excerpt, Sometime Mid November

I am so far down this rabbit hole I’m in a dinosaur infested jungle in a completely different book.

Today we met a vampire. A really fucking vampire. Not even Dr Claudia knows anything about them. It was sleeping in the underground and Ryuhon, the tit, woke it up. And then he dragged me along with him to go met it. Didn’t even give me a heads up. He was all like “Poe, I’m doing a thing, come with!” not “Poe, I want to got chat with an undead blood drinking abomination while not having any kind of plan, come with!”

The tit.

So. Anyway.

I think we should sick the Arrows on it. Sure we could get in trouble for waking it up, but only if they find out, right? I don’t even want to think about the cluster that was the high rise.

I also found out that Claire, Erin and the others that I’m sure also have names are some other sort of not properly dead. So there’s that. I don’t even have a name for what they are.

Fuck me. The world is like a thin layer of ice over a bottomless lake, every time I think I’ve found my footing the ice cracks a little more. This shit needs to stop happening.

Grim Kept Thoughts 10

Interesting twist of events. Apparently Codex is a Temple Cat. Found this out while he was helping us prepare Jack for his duel. He helped us get a Temple Guardian to aid in the fight, fetishing with the sword Poe made for him. I granted him skill to wield the blade, and some divined insight.

It was a bit annoying how they decided to deliver the duel announcement. Fried my car. Bah, I’m paying Poe 3 tass to fix it. Oh well, they could have done worse I guess.

Ugh, this damn blood feud. I wish there was another way to finish this, but looks like one will live, and one will die. These guys are also mages, so who’s to say what form of power they are placing on their combatant? Lets just hope they aren’t using any, but that’s unlikely. I’m setting up my computer to log where my phone is via GPS, that way we can at least get a fix on where the duel is taking place. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a way to jury rig a tracking ability on at least one of these guys. Need to figure out where they are working out of. We know this will end up being in an underground area, but that doesn’t mean it is there already.

Hmmm, I wonder, make a geosynchronous orbit satalite, one that is imbued with various mage sights, and have it stay above Isidis. This would give us an advantage. One that would allow us to see and track things in Isidis. It’s a bit far-fetched, but I like it as an idea. I’ll let it stew for a while and see if it refines to something more practical, or useful.

Sheesh, I’m turning out to be a techno-mage alright… LOL, it’s funny, computers weren’t really a prime interest of mine until after my awakening. Oh what interesting twists and turns time follows. It’d be interesting to find out exactly how to work out better technomancy, but I already know that’ll require me to study the Forces Arcanum. Eh… not really looking forward to that, but I don’t think I’d need to go further than being an Apprentice or Disciple of Forces.

Currently I’m working on my knowledge and understanding of the Prime Arcanum. I’m aiming at being able to imbue items myself. It’ll take being a Disciple and its corresponding practices to imbue items. Once that’s done, I can also apply some theoretical applications of various Arcana to release the spell into the item. I’m fairly certain with Time I can do so by instilling a ‘time limit’ on the item. Once I get the chance to test this, it’ll be interesting to document how it goes.

Grim Kept Thoughts 8

Ah, the intrigues of the arcanum. Learned something very important today. I’m going to term it Arcane Magic. We as Awakened Mages use Supernal Magic, today we learned that Shamans and other practices are real, and do have power, even though they are not Supernal Magics. We call down magic from the Supernal Realms, they draw on the magics innate to the Fallen World. I find it amusing that the Shaman we met and were talking with is an old friend of Eron’s.

Well, this discovery, came about from being at the mall. Poe and I were using the mall to explore the mysteries. At first, I was exploring the Mind Arcanum, and Poe the Death Arcanum. Poe’s discovery led us to find out about an illegal stored chemical in the warehouse district, in 1967, resulted in the deaths of many in Isidis, most pertenant, the elementary school that once stood where our now-day mall is. All around the first two floors are numerous ghosts of the children from the school. From the one Poe talked with, we can use conjecture for the conclusion many of them probably don’t understand why they are here, or that they are even dead. I had Poe turn my iPod into a ‘ghost object’ for the ghost kid. She taught him how to use it. He was very excited and thankful for it, and ran off to show the other ghost kids trapped in the mall.

I found a unique signifier that is revealed by the Mage Sight granted by the Mind Arcanum. This signifier reveals the presence of Arcane Magics. I am unsure if Psychic Abilities will show up with a similar signifier, but it will be interesting to look into. I’m going to look at Chris again next time I go to the Dusty Tome to see if he holds this signifier in him. That would be interesting to find out.

I’ve also gone deeper into the holdings of my Legacy, with the help of Poe. I pulled Poe to the basement for some study time. I found out what she wanted to learn, and in fashion with my Legacy, I pulled the information into myself in order to teach her, and give her what she needs to practice and expand on it. She’s interested in Bone Carving. A Craft I think will come in handy with her Death Arcanum. We grabbed some of the wood for the fireplace, and Poe changed them into bone.

Totally need to find a really good replica katana, and pay Poe some tass to turn it into a legit katana! Then find someone with the right Space magic to make it merge with an umbrella. That way I can take it around as an umbrella, and switch it out with the katana when needed.

I still need to set this up with the Cabal Grimoire as well. It’ll make it safer, and harder for anyone to find if they don’t know what to look for.

I’m debating on what my next programming project is gonna be. I may see if any of the Cabal has a need/want or what-not.

In other news… where the hell is Mobius? Haven’t heard form him all day. That’s not really like him, he usually at least shows up at the house for a short. Could have used his Scrying abilities. Guess I should learn how to do it myself, or have Dina learn it.


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