Janine Harper

Janine Harper

Name: Janine Harper
Also known as: -
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 5’ 5"
Weight: 152 lbs.
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green
Build: Slender, some musculature
Identifying marks: Left Eye of Ra tattoo on left ankle, Right Eye of Ra tattoo on right ankle, (not common knowledge) Ankh tattoo under belly button, below belt line.

Supernatural: Yes
Type(known title): Sleepwalker
Subtype(alternate titles): None
Est. Purview(s):

  • Aware of Mages (not subject to Disbelief)

Locale: Isidis

Family and Personal
Status: Alive
D.O.B.: December 13th, 1980
D.O.D.: -
Spouse: None
*Amon Harper, Male, age 18 (Aliases: Daniel Walker, Daniel Harper)
Accomplice(s): Mobiüs
Other: None

Education and Profession

  • Graduate of Isidis School of International Scholastics
  • Major in secretarial and business administration
  • Part-time tour guide to Emberhill Manor
  • Full-time secretary to Mobiüs

Housing and Business
Assets: $27,500 to $29,999 annual income

Crimes and Infractions

  • Underage Consumption of Alcohol – June, 1998
  • Drunk and Disorderly – September, 2002
  • Assault on an Arresting Officer – September, 2002

Janine Harper is currently operating as a secretary to Mobiüs while also functioning as a tour guide to his property and home, Emberhill Manor. She has a history of alcohol abuse starting when her son, Amon, was conceived and born during her high school years and being subject to peer pressure by the wrong sort of friends. In one episode where Janine was so caught up in duress and anxiety, she assaulted the officer who was to pick her up for being drunk and disorderly. On her court date, Mobiüs had taken a real shine to her while his father and he were on legal business at the courthouse. He somehow managed to convince his father and the judge to put her in a sort of work release program with a warning that child services would take her son if she did fully comply which then lead to her going to college and eventually working for Mobiüs. However, as far as she’s aware, she is doing this as a obligation to Mr. Kepler, not him and is not aware of the connection between Mobiüs and his father. Currently, she has thus been very effective and a keystone in the affairs of Mobiüs with his day to day activities while being (relatively) sober.

Janine Harper

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