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I) Creed: We, herin henceforth, members of the Cabal, Drinkers of Aleph,
come together to grow, and experience. That within the home of the Cabal we
gather in trust and friendship. Experience is growth, but not at the expense of
one’s self or the Cabal. Let us gather together in the spirit of cooperation.
II) Duties: As a Cabal, we work together. Each to have their own tasks and
duties beyond group effort. Let it be dictated, positions held within, and
served for the greater good, titles and responsibilities. Such tasks as must be
met are; Door Warden, Hearthmaster, Lorekeeper, Farseeker, and Edgetender.
The task of Door Warden, and facilitating the protection of the Cabal and its
properties shall fall to Theurgist Dina. The task of Hearthmaster, and
facilitating the Cabal’s health and well being, our happiness and emotional
well being, shall fall to Shaman Jack Spiders. The task of Lorekeeper, and the
facilitating of knowledge to the Cabal, and safe guarding the Cabal’s secrets,
shall fall to Enchanter Ryuhon. The task of Farseeker, and the facilitating of
mundane needs of the Cabal, shall fall to Warlock Mobius. The task of
Edgetender, and the facilitating of the cultivation of the Cabal’s supernal
resources, until a time that such task can be assigned to one individual, shall
be divided amongst the Cabal equally, as one’s specialties and skills allow
them to do so.
III) Directed Protocols: Within ourselves, we shall always maintain trust. If
at any point trust can not be maintained, it will be addressed and fixed, as
soon as such a task would be permitted. The Cabal’s resources will be
distributed equally, excluding a communal resource pool which can be drawn
upon at discretion of a majority consenus of the Cabal. It is the responsibility
of each member to partake in the decision making process in regards to Cabal
decisions. It is the responsibility of the best suited individual, in any given
emergancy situation, to take charge, using their specialties to best ensure the
well being and safety of the Cabal. It is the responsibility of each member to
facilitate any ritual, barring mitigating circumstances which are under the
purview of the Cabal at large, taking place only in the Haven. It falls to
responsibility, that one shall notify the Cabal of any situations and/or
knowledge which exceeds the purview of any one member, calling upon aid
of the Cabal member best suited, and the Cabal as a whole. All negotiations
that involve the Cabal as a whole, or any tandum of members, will be decided
upon as a Cabal; majority vote. It is the highly recommended responsibility of
the Cabal to willingly add any resources to the Cabal’s library and/or Grimoire
when possible, with an encouraged once per year donation. Each member
shall respect the Cabal at all times within the Cabal’s home, as Mages as per
the practice of the Great Right of Emeritus. All Mages will also be able to
expect, in addition to Emeritus, the practice by this Cabal of the Great Rights
of Hospitality and Crossing.
IV) Interdicts: With power, comes responsibility. Such responsibilities must
be upheld by all members of this Cabal. No guest shall be brought to the
House without prior Cabal approval. No Sleepers are allowed within the
Cabal’s Hallow or Haven under any circumstances. Members of the Cabal are
to refrain from needless risk to their lives and the lives of Cabal members,
engage in lone acts of heroism, and/or cause irresponsible loss; these are to be
avoided at all times. Do not disrespect the possessions of your Cabal mates.
Do not stray from Common Sense, keep it sturdy in your thoughts at all times.
Only the Lorekeeper shall inscribe within the Grimoire itself. Cabal members
shall provide any knowledge or rote in person or other media to the
Lorekeeper, for the Lorekeeper to inscribe within the Grimoire; it is the
purview of the Lorekeeper to inscribe any and all information and rotes, on
behalf of the Cabal, into the Cabal Grimoire, and to maintain the Cabal
V) Ban: Under penalty, severe and dire, that they suffer the weight of their
crime and betrayal, should any member of the Cabal break Oath of this
Charter, and the Cabal as a whole find the infraction beyond deserving only
minor consequence, the Betrayar shall be striken from the Cabal and suffer
Fate’s wrath upon them. Their mind shall be wiped clean of Cabal knowledge
and Secrets, that they be scattered, and removed from the Cabal’s presence.
VI) Addendums: All addendums henceforth shall appear within this
Grimoire, within this very section, dedicated to the Cabal Charter. Each
addendum will be made by majority vote, and thus added to the Charter, in a
clear and concise fashion, with holding to the Cabal’s standards.
VII) Cabal Signatories: I, _______________, do so swear and agree with the rulings of this Charter,
and accept the responsibilities (see Section ii, and section iii) held within. I
shall abide by its directed protocals and interdictions, and any addendums set
forth by the Cabal’s Charter. I shall uphold the purpose and goal of the
Cabal, and participate in all Cabal meetings, mitigating extenuating
circumstance otherwise, lending my voice and vote to Cabal decisions. I
expect no more than the aid towards the common wealth of the Cabal and its
members, and shall participate as a member to the best of my abilities and
So mote it be.
Here Signed, the Founding Members of the Cabal, Drinkers of Aleph:

Ryuhon, Jack Spiders, Dina, Mobius

Here Signed, Members of the Cabal, Drinkers of Aleph:
Poe Moris, Camille Meadows

Potency of Oath: 8
Potency for purpose of tampering with: 12

Cabal Charter Addendums
Cabal Grimoire
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