Elizabeth "Lizzy" Bathory

Guardian of the Veil Mastigos; Virtue: Charity, Vice: Wrath; Flaw: Bi-Polar
Concept: Lady of weal and woe.

Focused on Death, Space and Mind arcanum.

Her name was inspired by the famed female serial killer Elizabeth Bathory of Hungary, but she’s more comfortable as “Lizzy” when in the company of friends and fellow magi. Those who actually know the dark history of the Blood Countess will find it hard to superimpose that image over Lizzy as the two personalities are curiously askew. She’s very well-mannered, thoughtful and extremely soft-spoken about most anything. Her presence is strong but subtle, like a vibrant flower that brightens a room. She spends much of her time catering to her cabal and making sure everything is just so and within arms reach of those in need. If something needs to be signed, she’s right behind you with a pen. All in all, those close to her know this to be “nice Lizzy”.

Then there’s “not nice Lizzy”. As the pendulum swings, so shifts her disposition to an absolutely horrifying counterpart. She revels in the fear of others seeing it’s resonance as vintages of wine. She’s even known to educate others on the subject which include the heady flavors of “dread” and the bittersweetness of “panic”. Those who have lost favor in her eyes are relentlessly hounded and pursued to the point of insanity and paranoid delusions. Should that fail, it’s not beneath her to use more physical methods of torture. One way or another, she gets under her victim’s skin.

She’s a healthy woman of 24, 5’6", with striking green eyes and shoulder long, curly red hair. She fancies dresses of deep reds, blues, and violets with expensive yet subtle jewelry to accentuate her finer features as a sort of extravagant Stepford Wife. She uses the Space arcanum to do errands for the cabal as well as torment anyone they’ve deemed an enemy. She’s just everywhere, all the time, and doesn’t care about things like privacy or mercy. Her Mind arcanum let’s her evaluate and fine tune her attacks on opponents based on the quality of fear and terror she can perceive and manipulate. The Death arcanum lets her happily reap the rewards of her work as well as produce some hard to get items and information from Twilight.

One of her pitfalls is that she relies heavily on the decisions and guidance of her cabal. If she were to lose contact with them for an extended period of time, she’d most likely fall into a hole of madness, revenge, and masochism. Any hint of someone or something trying to separate her from her support group would soon find themselves hanging at the end of a frayed rope.

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“Kill them with kindness, they always say, but there’s rather hazy details on everything before the killing bit.”

Elizabeth "Lizzy" Bathory

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