Rules Errata

Published Errata (Source: God Machine Chronicle)

  • Specialties (pg. 150)
  • Aspirations (pg. 150)
  • Virtue/Vice (pg. 152)
  • Breaking Points (pg. 155, 184)
  • Beats (pg. 157, under the “Experiences” heading, Optional Group Beats are in play)
  • Conditions (pg. 180)
  • “Integrity” (pg. 184)
  • Extended Actions (pg. 187)
  • Social Maneuvering (pg. 188, only for longer-term politicking)
  • Combat and Tilts (pg. 195)

Spell Errata

  • Where an effect or spell dictates a contingency based on an “attack”, it is herein defined as: any non-beneficial effect targeted against a person or their immediate effects (i.e. things they are carrying).
  • Countering Magic: Countermagic (any Arcanum) creates interference; Dispel Magic (Prime 1) is a one-shot, one-kill, instant unweaving; Magic Shield (Prime 2) the mage adds spiritual armor to himself. Counterspell Prime (Prime 2), upgrades Countermagic to be able to interfere with any Arcanum. Supernal Dispellation (Prime 4) upgrades Dispel Magic to be an instant/extended and contested action to unweave a spell.
  • One is not aware of a spell being countered unless: a) they are in the vicinity of the spell-effect and the counter, b) the spell targets themselves and it is countered/unwoven, c) they have the spell Sense the Threads (Prime 2+Space 2) active. An individual is not aware of a spell-counter if the attempt fails EXCEPT with Supernal Dispellation.
  • In light of the recent additions of Conditions and Tilts, any spell that a player feels like updating to take advantage of the new systems can be done with consent of the group.
  • Diplomat’s Protection (Mind ooo) This spell adds the following Condition to the caster, at a duration of one scene per success:
    Effect: The character’s actions take on the sheen of those beyond reproach. Anyone that attempts to take harmful action towards the character must first spend a Willpower point and contest the spell with a Resolve + Composure + Gnosis roll. Any Social Maneuvering the character undertakes while under the spell begins with a Good Impression, and remains that way until the character’s actions would worsen the impression.
    Resolution: The condition (and consequently the spell) can be resolved in order to gain an Exceptional success on three successes, instead of the usual five, for any Social roll the character chooses. This effect can be used only once per scene and expends the remaining duration of the spell.

Arcana Errata

  • Disciple Mysteries: A character must have mastered at least one skill (rating of 5), relevant to the Arcana, before purchasing an Arcana to 4. The choice of skill will determine the direction for your Adept Mystery.
  • Adept Mysteries: In order to be eligible to purchase Mastery of an Arcanum, a character must first unravel an Adept Mystery. The road through these Mysteries are often perilous, sometimes at great cost to the Magi’s well-being. The reward however, is often considered to be worth it. An Adept Mystery is primarily a story-telling tool by which the character unravels a secret of the universe relating to the Arcana. Adept Mysteries do not “begin” until a character is eligible for purchasing the 5th dot in any Arcanum. Furthermore, Mastering an Arcanum that is not your Path’s Primary Arcana requires completing the Adept Mystery prior to seeking out tutelage; as explained in the Core Rulebook.

New Watchtowers

  • The Janni on the Path of Conflict, scions of the Watchtower of the Smokeless Fire from the Realm of the Brass City, Kingdom of Wishes and Abode of the Inferno. Their masteries are Spirit and Forces. They are the Terrestrial Theurgists. Their Inferior Arcanum is Mind.
    Their Card is The Chariot, their Watchtower a City, their Element is Fire, their weapon is the Scimitar.
  • The Historians on the Path of Recording, scions of the Watchtower of Swirling Sands from the realm of Akasha, Kingdom of History and Abode of the Forgotten. Their masteries are Mind and Time. They are the Terrestrial Enchanters. Their inferior Arcanum is Prime.
    Their Card is The Heirophant, their Watchtower a Library, their Element is Air, their weapon is the Half-Staff.

XP Errata

  • Merits will not be purchasable by XP. Instead, I will hand out Merit dots appropriately throughout the story. If a player would like a Merit that they do not feel is going to come up in the immediate story, but develops their character in some way, I encourage them to write and turn in a plot by which the Merit could be gained. In addition to the Merit, completion of such plot will earn 1xp for its creator.
  • “Extra” XP: Each character will gain between 3-5 XP per session as a group award. In addition, characters may gain extra XP in any of the following ways:
    Story: Players contributing significant characters to the story, either through cooperative Storytelling or through OOC position of their NPCs on the chopping block, will receive 1xp. Ex: In suggesting how Brian’s character would, by chance, end up confronting someone from his past who is supposed to be dead, Brian created complications for his character and the cabal worth 1XP (and several interesting conversations/ combats conflicts).
    Plot: As stated above, completion of each plot made up by a character awards 1XP (or 1 Arcane XP (AXP) if the plot takes place predominately in Astral Space).
    Adventure Log: Each player that contributes to the Adventure Log gains 1XP, to a maximum of 2XP per month, and only 1XP per week between sessions. (These are not flexible limitations.)
    Beats: 5 Beats will turn into an extra XP.
    Misc.: Players may receive XP awards for doing things to enrich the game, from good role-playing to creating props for the game, to cooking for the players.

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