The Challengers of Herakles

The Challengers of Herakles are Isidis’ premier Adamantine Arrow cabal, often jested this is due to their sheer survival for as long as they have. Recently however their membership has taken a blow, as with the death of Anymone at the hands of the Selemite Order, Eurythesus has bowed out and gone Apostate.
All members of the Challengers are of the Adamantine Arrow.

Molorchos, Moros, Adept
Meleager, Obrimos, Adept
Lampon, Moros, Adept
Hasan, Janni, Disciple
Marwan, Janni, Disciple

Probationary members:
Rahman, Janni, Disciple
Hakham, Janni, Initiate

Cabals of Isidis

The Challengers of Herakles

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